Class Summary
ISNCounter Class ISNCounter provides access to a counter that is updated each four milliseconds.
ISNUpdater Class ISNUpdater ensures that class ISNCounter is updated at regular intervals.
TCP Class TCP defines constants associated with the TCP protocol.
TCPAcknowledger TCPAcknowledger objects are used to provide delayed acknowledgement of TCP messages.
TCPJInputStream TCPJInputStream reads data from a TCPJ socket.
TCPJListener TCPJListener is a singleton class that polls for TCPJ messages.
TCPJOutputStream Writes to a TCPJ socket.
TCPJSocketImplFactory Factory to create TCPJSocketImpl objects.
TCPMessage Stores a TCP message.
TCPMSLTimer Implements a MSL (Maximum Segment Lifetime) timer used to close a TCP connection.
TCPOptions Implements various options that are permitted to appear in a TCP message.
TCPReader Reads TCP messages.
TCPSession The singleton class TCPSession manages startup and closedown tasks.
TCPWriter Writes TCP messages to a bytestream.