List of Releases

R0_4 - December 24 2004


Release R0_4 introduced a much-simplified syntax, which made it much easier to implement new protocols ( or had to be implemented) or to use raw sockets from within apps (the class handled all sockets, raw or otherwise).

The December 24 release featured and old version of the com_act365_net_Sockets.dll Win 32 library, so a corrected Win 32 binary release appeared on January 3 2005.

R0_3 - September 28 2004

Downloads: Release R0_3 added support for the IP_HDRINCL symbol, which permits user-generated IP headers, on Win32. This made it possible to run Traceroute on Win32. The release included an implementation of Trivial FTP for the first time and an improved implementation of TCP/J.

R0_2 - November 19 2003

Downloads: Release R0_2 is functionally identical to R011 except that it is written for JDK1.4 instead of JDK1.3. The introduction of the and classes means that the code will no longer compile in JDK1.3.

R011 - October 28 2003

Downloads: Release R011 featured the following applications: and the following protocols:

R01 - October 28 2003

A problem with an FTP client corrupted the R01 release file fatally. Logo